Lazer Lloyd’s live "Burning Thunder" always brings the heat. (Original on Spotify). Thanks to everyone at The Zone and all of you who gave us the inspiration.

I believe people are ultimately good. Our potential is boundless when we love and believe in each other. (Spotify) As I travel from town to town and meet you all, my faith is stronger than ever.

"Sea of Galilee” Country (coming on “Help Is On It’s Way” release February 2020)

“Watchtower” tribute to Dylan & Hendrix (Spotify)

“Many Roads” Americana

“The Love After The Flood in Texas” Country (Spotify)

“Listen” live at Mammoth Lake Festival

“Backstreets” Americana (Spotify)

“Fly Away” Guitar Instrumental

“Freedom’s Child” Americana (Spotify)

“Esquecas do Mundo (Forget the World)” Guitar Instrumental (Spotify)