"Thousands of people have sent me their personal messages sharing their journeys, struggles, pains, joys, challenges and inspirations. I'm very humbled that the songs have touched people, each in their own way. All of you have become my teachers and inspiration." -- Lazer

In 2015, Lots of Love Records put out Lazer Lloyd's first major international release of new material,  a self-titled album that introduced Lloyd's songwriting and unique sound.  Lots of Love worked with Mark Pucci (past VP of Capricorn Records) and Rick Lusher to the team and the 2015 album became one of the top blues rock records that year getting widespread critical acclaim with "Burning Thunder" reaching number one on the blues rock chart.

In 2016 “Lazer Lloyd Guitar Jams” was released packed with a combination of studio tracks and mastered versions of his viral live video performances. A live album also released in 2016, “The Moose is Loose”, was recorded at the Kankakee Moose Lodge and features massive talents Johnny B. Gayden on bass and Shannon Street on drums.

Lazer’s second major international release "Freedom's Child" was dropped in September 2017 including 12 new tracks: 11 originals plus Lazer’s take on Dylan and Hendrix’s "All Along the Watchtower" recorded with Grammy nominated producer & engineer David Ivory at his studio near Philadelphia. The album shot up the Americana charts as awareness of Lloyd’s music grew into an expanded fan base of roots music lovers.

Canadian music sage John Kereiff wrote, “Critics have noted Lloyd’s skill as a lyricist, saying he is 'able to elevate life’s joys and struggles into inspirational material'. Couple that with supple musicianship, and that makes “Freedom’s Child” one of the most compelling discs of 2017. Watch out, though - this one’s gonna hit you right in the feels. Five Stars" John Kereiff (Gonzo Okanagan).

On tour in Connecticut in October of 2017, Lazer stopped off at Horizon Studios to record a few of his new songs with wizard of sound, Vic Steffens in West Haven. The result was several tracks including the Americana anthem “Backstreets” which was released as a single on Thanksgiving Day and went on to pass a million streams on Spotify, going viral on Facebook and Youtube as well.

As "Freedom's Child" was shooting up the Americana chart and “Backstreets” was going viral, Lazer was already on to the next project - recording an album with Eric Paul at Ricky Skaggs Studio in Nashville.

Twice Grammy nominated Eric Paul (Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson etc) was encouraged to check Lazer out by a friend. The prolific songwriter sent a set of new songs to Eric and the producer promptly organized an all-star group of Nashville musicians to cut the tracks (Michael Rojas on keyboards, Michael Spriggs on rhythm guitar, Eddie Bayers on drums, and bass players Mark Fain and Eli Beaird). Lazer Lloyd leading this band of brilliant Nashville craftsmen produced music that is sheer heaven. To complete the album, Lazer found inspiration in the red dirt of Oklahoma and Texas working with many times Grammy nominated Chris Bell (Don Henley, Eagles, Erykah Badu, Luther Dickinson, Eric Johnson etc) at Billy Crockett’s Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley with a group of young Tulsa musicians. The sound achieved by Chris is warm and real and soul transforming. Music from both the Nashville and Blue Rock Red Dirt sessions will be presented on two albums in 2019 under the titles, “Help Is On It’s Way” and “Oklahoma” on Lots of Love Records.

Early Years

“Growing up our house was full of music. Bob Dylan, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Kris Kristofferson were big early influences on me as songwriters. I started to write songs in college and it has become an essential part of who I am. My earliest interaction with the music industry was an Atlantic Records A&R exec taking an interest in a song I had written called “Bye Bye Baby” about a young model who went out to LA and ended up dead. They wanted to send me to Nashville to record with producer Garry Tallent (E-Street Band) and I started the process of showcasing for Atlantic in New York City where I lived at the time.

But my path changed after I met a mystic in Central Park and I started a journey in my life that led me to meet my wife and start a family. Along the way always performing and the songs have continued to come down to me - starting with a lyric and sometimes as a melody. Every morning I carve out time to sit alone with the guitar and get into the flow - it keeps me going and makes it possible to cope with the painful struggle of this world and to be able to spread joy.”

“As a young songwriter and guitar player, I loved Neil Young with his super sensitive acoustic and singing just suddenly firing it up with searing guitar. I first heard Stevie Ray Vaughn live at 14 and my father also took me to hear Santana live - those were life-changing experiences - seeing masters who performed on a level of prayer through music on stage. That set my mind and heart on playing music for life.  Stevie Ray taught the musicians of our generation where the blues came from. He wrote in his liner notes his beloved influences like Albert King, T-Bone Walker, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and all the greats who paved the way for blues rock later.  So like a lot of kids, I looked up the names on his records and a new world of music was opened to me.  When I first heard Albert King I was stunned - it was just a killer sound - nothing like it. As I learned to play electric rock and blues, I continued to write and experiment with new forms... performing my own folk songs and roots country and stripped down blues -- music that is emerging into the Americana genre."

"A great experience for me as a musician and a guitar player was seeing Stevie Ray and Jeff Beck live at the New Haven Coliseum in 1987.  When I went to college to major in music at Skidmore, I studied under Milt Hinton, who was the bass player for Louis Armstrong, and with Randy Brecker (Blood, Sweat and Tears) and Gene Bertoncini who started with Carmen McRae and Buddy Rich and played with so many greats.  Under their guidance I listened to a lot of Louis, and on the guitar I was playing a lot of things from Wes Montgomery and Charlie Christian who both inspired me and those sparks come out in my playing to this day."

In 1994, Lazer started a decade playing with the psychedelic jam band Reva L’Sheva. Continuing solo roots and Americana work on the side, Lloyd began to attract international attention with his self-released folk-rock CD “Higher Ground” in 2004. His blues-rock power trio Yood expanded the ripples capturing fans with “Passin’ Over” (2007) and “Real People” (2008). In 2011 he put out “Lazer Lloyd Unplugged”.  Then Lloyd’s 2012 “My Own Blues” electric release was sent to the Memphis International Blues Competition resulting in a collaboration with Blues Leaf Records.

Blues Leaf Records and Lots of Love Records

Label owner Joe Morabia was struck by Lazer’s lyrics and asked him to produce an acoustic album for the Blues Leaf boutique label of his original songs. The result was “Lost on the Highway” released in August 2013. Joe brought Rick Lusher on board to do radio promotion to expand airplay and charting in North America, Europe and beyond. Lazer’s touring picked up steam with the addition of manager Yo Seidman. Yo formed Lots of Love Records in her home town of Chicago as a vehicle for presenting Lazer Lloyd's back catalogue to a larger audience. Lazer and Lots of Love Records put out "Insides Out" a best of collection combining acoustic and electric tracks from earlier albums with a few live performances like "Set My Soul Free". The next step was the release of the 2015 self-titled album “Lazer Lloyd” which set in motion the pathway of Lazer’s current work as a singer-songwriter and guitarist now a rising star ranging with his own organic sound mixing Americana, Red Dirt, Rock, Blues, Folk etc.

Selected Reviews

“Razor sharp guitar and exuberant vocals.” Downbeat

"He puts soul into every note he sings and plays." Tahoe Onstage

"Johnny Cash meets Steve Earle..." Digital Journal

"Lloyd’s guitar skills are impeccable, with a rich, deep vocal delivery...a consummate musician, writer, and storyteller" Don & Sheryl Crow (Nashville Blues Society)

Vintage Guitar magazine featured him as a talent to watch showing off his chops on "tough blues-rockers, soul ballads, and funky Hendrix-inspired rock".

“Fasten your seatbelts!” wrote 1970s Rolling Stone rock music sage Gary von Tersch of the self-titled "Lazer Lloyd" CD.  He added, “I’m impressed by Lazer’s tight compositions”, “deeply expressive writing, plangent vocals and crackerjack guitar and harmonica”. 

Elmore Magazine´s Jim Hynes compares Lazer to “Santana at his best”

Canadian music & arts veteran writer, Bob Mersereau calls him "Muddy Waters on electric steroids."

Wasser-Prawda in Germany, "This is sacred music..."

Keys and Chords from Belgium's wrote,  "Palestinians and Israelis, listen to Lazer Lloyd and there will be peace".

Blues Matters in the UK wrote of the 2015 self-titled album, "This CD was a revelation" and went on to do an extensive interview with Lloyd in 2016.