"Tears For Dikla" Reaches Millions

The emotional soul connection of "Tears For Dikla" has touched people around the world. Below are a few of the amazing comments that moved us. You can see them all on the Facebook page (click here). Sending blessings for a peaceful 2019.

"Lazer, this song is one of my absolute favorites. What a blessing to let “Tears for Dikla” wash over my soul as I reflect and let go of the negativity. Prayers for you and your family for a happy, peaceful and wonderous New Year” Lubbock, Texas

“I needed to hear this. At this very moment. Thank you. So much can be left unsaid if music can fill the void of the unspoken.” Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

“I watched it from beginning to end. I love this stuff keep it up man please. I need stuff like this in my life. I need the new beginning too this year. Thanks Lazer. Love you bro” Canton, New York

“I've been following you since I found you on Facebook I love the vibe that flows from your soul! I love your sound and the thoughts of human kindness and compassion it's clearly seen through your music and heard. Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul. Well done” San Manuel, Arizona

“I've so enjoyed these musical posts..so spiritual..so moving..blessed be & all the best for 2019 from Southport, England” (UK)

“AUGURI anche dalla Toscana,la Tua musica non ha confini ne razza o religione,sarà difficile migliorare nel 2019!!!! (ma va già molto bene come è adesso!!!!) {Congratulations also from Tuscany, your music has no boundaries nor race or religion, it will be difficult to improve in 2019!!!! (but it already goes very well as it is now!!!!} (Italy)

“EU SOU GRANDE FÃ AQUI DO BRAZIL ESSE ARTISTA É MARAVILHOSO DE GRANDES E BELAS MELODIAS!!” {I am big fan here from Brazil this artist is wonderful of great and beautiful melodies!!} (Brazil)