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Lazer Lloyd's songwriting has started a positive global dialogue by fearlessly facing topics on the faultline with love and honesty.  After performing "Backstreets" live on Texas radio, veteran DJs Tonya Slayton (General Manager at KMOO in Mineola, TX) and Ken Murray at KTEX in Brenham, TX praised the song warmly as shown in the video of the song. has found a diverse audience who have been touched by the lyric, "If you can't see the good, I don't want to hear about the bad..."   During its first month online in December 2017 it took off immediately and has continued to grow with listeners discovering it every day on  social media and digital music services.  

new release - "Freedom's Child"

"Freedom's Child" shot up the Americana Chart 150 points in the first month with the viral spreading of the song "America" generating a rare diverse AND positive discussion on social media. 

The lead single, “Blessed Man”, is a raw southern rock track reflecting on life’s simple blessings. The song was written during one of his regular Facebook live guitar and chill sessions with his fans and exemplifies the raw honesty and power of Lloyd’s writing.

“You can be sure I've had my hard times. Faced death, war and drugs. Lost plenty of good friends to the bottle - even found myself face flat on the rug. Yes some days I'm still fightin' to find a little peace of mind. Could be I've just stepped out of bounds havin' myself a good time…”

"When I wake up in the morning, coffee in my hand... Yes I said it's time to pray, 'cuz I'm given life again...

"If I wake up in the morning six strings in my hand, time to sing praises because I'm living yes again. I feel like I am a blessed man..."

His unique cover of "All Along The Watchtower" winning accolades from fans of all ages. Esqueça do Mundo (Forget the World) - the only instrumental guitar piece on the album - has ignited a fire in Brazil leading to calls for Lazer Lloyd to perform live in the passionate music loving nation.

Lazer is backed by the tight and creative rhythm section also featured on his acclaimed self-titled 2015 album (Moshe Davidson on bass and Elimelech Grundman on drums). Three tracks (Freedom’s Child, America, and Watchtower) featuring Lazer solo with acoustic and electric guitars and vocals were produced in collaboration with Grammy nominated engineer-producer David Ivory (Halestorm, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Patti LaBelle).