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“Backstreets” recorded in one take at Horizon Studios has passed 1 million streams on Spotify, 1.2 million on Facebook and more.  Thank you all for listening.  Thank you to audio mastermind Vic Steffens for the beautiful sound.

Lazer’s tribute to Dylan and Hendrix “All Along The Watchtower”
“Acoustic  & electric guitars float through the air along with impressive drumming and bass playing as they decrease and increase in intensity.  Clocking in at just under eight and a half minutes you don’t want this thing of beauty to end.”  - Greg Szalony’s review of Lazer’s “Esqueca Do Mundo (Forget the World)” for Blues Blast Magazine.  Lazer’s original version of “Esquecas Do Mundo” went viral on Youtube (1.2 million organic views). 
"Freedom's Child" is packed with the singer/songwriter's inspiring lyrics in 12 original songs set to stripped down folk, roots rock, country blues, and Lloyd's soul-igniting soaring guitar.  The album shot up the Americana Chart - up 150 points in the first month with the viral spreading of the song "America" generating a rare diverse AND positive discussion on social media. “My goal is to unite people.” said Lazer Lloyd, whose song “America” became an internet sensation after Charlottesville when more than 30,000 people commented on the love song to a nation mired in inequality and racial strife.
The lead single, “Blessed Man”, is a raw southern rock track reflecting on life’s simple blessings.  The song was written together with fans during one of his regular Facebook live guitar and chill sessions and exemplifies the raw honesty and power of Lloyd’s writing.  “You can be sure I've had my hard times. Faced death, war and drugs. Lost plenty of good friends to the bottle - even found myself face flat on the rug. Yes some days I'm still fightin' to find a little peace of mind. Could be I've just stepped out of bounds havin' myself a good time…”
His unique cover of "All Along The Watchtower" winning accolades from fans of all ages. Esqueça do Mundo (Forget the World) - the only instrumental guitar piece on the album - has ignited a fire in Brazil leading to calls for Lazer Lloyd to perform live in the passionate music loving nation.
Lazer is backed by the tight and creative rhythm section also featured on his acclaimed self-titled 2015 album (Moshe Davidson on bass and Elimelech Grundman on drums). Three tracks (Freedom’s Child, America, and Watchtower) featuring Lazer solo with acoustic and electric guitars and vocals were produced in collaboration with Grammy nominated engineer-producer David Ivory (Halestorm, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Patti LaBelle).   Spotify   Amazon   iTunes   Merch


  • 1. Blessed Man

  • 2. Been Tryin'

  • 3. Talk

  • 4. Freedom's Child

  • 5. God, Money, and Women

  • 6. Letters

  • 7. All Along the Watchtower

  • 8. America

  • 9. Good Woman

  • 10. My Girls

  • 11. Esqueça do Mundo (Forget the World)

  • 12. We Are All

    All songs composed by Lazer Lloyd except
    "All Along The Watchtower" by Bob Dylan (Dwarf Music)

"The album is fantastic. He puts soul into every note he sings and plays." Tim Parsons (editor of Tahoe Onstage) (full review)
Spotify   Amazon   iTunes   Merch
"Lazer Lloyd delivers on new Freedom's Child album. The title track has a Johnny Cash meets Steve Earle vibe to it." Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal (full review)
"Critics have noted Lloyd’s skill as a lyricist, saying he is 'able to elevate life’s joys and struggles into inspirational material'. Couple that with supple musicianship, and that makes Freedom’s Child one of the most compelling discs of 2017.  Watch out, though - this one’s gonna hit you right in the feels. Five Stars" John Kereiff (Canadian music sage at Gonzo Okanagan) (full review)